Survey on career page

Design for a pop-up survey on career pages. Customers can set up their career page and add a pop-up survey.

The Challenge

Starred is an established player in the candidate feedback market. They noticed competitors were offering a feature where their customers could set up a survey on their career page to ask candidates questions on their experience there. As a category leader, Starred had to act. We had to come up with a competitive counterpart that leverages Starred' strengths.


Normally I always start with researching but since pop-up surveys are nothing new, I wanted to sketch ideas before my brain was all cluttered with ideas from the internet. That's how I came up with two options: the widget and the slide-in survey.


As said, pop-up surveys are nothing new and there is a lot written about the subject. During this research I was able to come up with criteria that were essential for the further design:

Especially the third finding was crucial. Starred believes asking NPS is great, but only a NPS score will only tell you so much. You need to find out what the drivers of your score are. That second input field was planned to do exactly that.

Prototype options

I made prototypes for three different options. We were able to pick elements from different options to combine it into our favourite. Below is one of the options.

The Final Product

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