Onboarding flow re-design

Redesign of user onboarding flow where user has to submit personal, company information and documents.

The Challenge

Tadaah is a platform where freelance workers in the childcare industry can find extra, small jobs. Childcare in the Netherlands is extremely restricted and for professionals to work with kids they need a lot of certificates and documents, as well as having a company. Almost 4 out of every 5 users that completed their onboarding flow, had to get in touch with their servicedesk. This was becoming unmanageable for Tadaah.

User Experience Review

I started the project by doing a user experience review of the whole onboarding flow. Because I was new to the app, I had fresh eyes and was able to mark problems more easily and clearly. Based on this initial review we saw three big chances for improvement: 1. visual hierarchy and specifically the use of color to create hierarchy. 2. the use of steppers to guide users through complex steps and 3. the guidance and support of users.

The Final Product

Based on these points, I worked out a style guide and implemented the changes. The end result is a onboarding flow that is easier to navigate for users, looks cleaner yet gives users more guidance and support. After implementing these changes, Tadaah saw a decrease of users that contacted the servicedesk about the onboarding flow. It decreased from nearly every 4 in 5 users to less than 1 in every 5 users.

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