Flexible Invoicing

Invoicing system for a company that matches childcare companies with freelance employees.

The Challenge

Tadaah is a freelancing app that connects childcare organisations with freelance workers for returning or ad hoc jobs. The freelancers are able to generate invoices that they can use to send to the client. The current invoice flow had a bunch of issues: freelancers were able to generate invoices to often, clients didn't have the ability to check hours resulting in wrong invoices and the flow for users was messy. The challenge was to come up with a new invoicing system that satisfied both the client and the freelancer.


When I had a good clear idea of the challenge and I had done some initial research, I started sketching. I love this analogous approach as it gives me the opportunity to ideate very rapidly. These are some of the options I came up with.

User Flow

To illustrate the options even more clearly, I created user flows per option. These flows showed the decisions that had to be made, as well as the actions that both the client and freelancer had to take.


With the user flows and sketches in hand, we discussed the possible options. Eventually we combined a couple features from different options in to one final option. This is the wireframe for the final option.

Final Product

The final product uses a very linear approach of outstanding, to be checked and invoice ready. By combining in a step for the client to check hours, the amount of support with invoices decreased with almost 40% over 3 months after release.

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